Our Network is changing between now and the end of the October
This change will make it more resilient and completely independant of our ISP's

What's happening
We are changing they way all customers connect to our network. When we are finished, customers who are protected by our firewall will be completely separate from customers that connect directly to the internet. We will also be able to increase customer bandwidth up to 500 Mbit/s if you need speeds this high. Finally - all of our customers usage will be able to route down any of our ISP's - ensuring proper redundancy and High Availability

How does this differ from today?
Currently all customers share the same network whether they traverse our firewall or not. In addition to this - most customers have a maximum internet speed of 100 mbit/s available to them. And finally - if our main ISP were to fail - some services provided on specific IP addresses would stop working for some customers. All of these things will be addressed by the changes.

How will this affect me?
Most companies that use our internet service won't have to do anything. The changeover will be done at our network level and will not cause any perceptible outage.

IF you have one or more FIXED IP addresses from us - this address will change. We will contact you over the next few weeks to let you know what your new IP address will be and to arrange a suitable time to change this address.

We will give you at least two weeks to make any changes to your network that use this fixed IP address and if you need any help at all with this - please ask.
Anything else?
We don't think so. We have spent a long time planning this change to ensure that any problems that might happen have been preconsidered and are mitigated against. The change really should be smooth - but if you are having problems with your internet, please do restart your router in the first instance, but then call us on 020 7770 6120 if you continue to have problems and we will investigate immediately.

Have you 'done' us yet?
If you are expecting us to complete your change at a specific time and you aren't sure if you have been switched over - please call us on 020 7770 6120